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Quick Thief is a computer game in the genres: stealth and quest, with elements of a car simulator Plot: You play as a gang of robbers. All of them are 18-19 years old. Where did they come from? There are only 3 of them. One is responsible for the thefts themselves, the second for the delivery, the third for the sale and the division of money. The first two come from dysfunctional families, and the third is from a shelter that was not given the promised apartment. That's why they went to crime. Although their robberies have already been successful 8 times, it's not forever and the crimes will be revealed ... Developers: WaterMedia Studio Year of release: 2022 Genres: stealth, quest, car simulator Engine: Unity Written in: C# How to play: In this game, you need to collect the necessary items. Some can be collected simply by going to them, but for some, you will need to use other items. These other items are boxes, bags, etc. They can be collected if you just go to them. When you collect them, they will automatically be added to your inventory. If you need to apply this item to what needs to be stolen, you will approach the item for theft and it will be automatically stolen. If it fits, the item will be stolen and it will be displayed in the upper left corner. Time is also constantly passing. One ball is also rolling around the apartment. This is your AI enemy. He chooses where he will go, if you fall for him, you will lose Now we have sorted out act 1, but each level consists of 2. On act 2, you need to deliver the cargo by car. The map in the lower right corner will help you with this. When you find a parking lot, drive up to the parking spot and press the letter "P" on the keyboard. After that you will be able to go to the next level. Minimum system requirements: Intel Core i3 Nvidia GeForce 450 GTS (namely gtS) 6 GB of RAM 250 MB of Free hard disk space Keyboard, mouse Recommended: Intel Core i5 8-10 GB of RAM The others are the same