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The game Board is divided and numbered into 100 squares, or fields. Drawings of snakes and ladders are placed all over the Board. Despite the different arrangement of snake and ladder drawings on different boards, the snake heads are always at a higher number than their tails. The Board is often illustrated with drawings depicting children overcoming obstacles or playing fun games. Goal of the game. Participants move their chips around the Board, hoping not to be "swallowed" by the snake, so as not to end up on the lower numbers, but with the help of a ladder to climb to a higher number. The winner is the first player to reach one hundredth of the field. Rules of the game. Each player in turn moves his chip on the numbered fields according to the number that fell on the dice. If the player's chip ends its turn on the field on which the base of the ladder is located, the player transfers it to the field on which the top of the ladder rests, thus jumping over the intermediate squares. If the chip is on the snake's head, it must go down to the field where the snake's tail rests. The end of the game. Players continue to roll the dice in turn until one of them is on the hundredth square with an accurate throw