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A fascinating and cubic world is waiting for you! Control a balanced ball and go through a variety of obstacles and traps, your goal is to reach the end of the level, but it will be very hard to do it, the most important thing is not to fall! This game aims to complete all levels, collect all checkpoints and get all the ball skins from the store, collect all the points and complete the game as quickly as possible, after beating the game - it does not end, but only continues. Passing some levels seems difficult every time you pass something very simple, the level of the game is constantly increasing and will not let you get bored, solve tasks and puzzles related to passing the level and reach the last checkpoint using your wits and dexterity! To reach the last checkpoint, you must carefully - falling, go through many different levels, the game is automatically saved at the checkpoint, do not forget to increase points and buy new balls for a successful passage.