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GastronomicMarathon You receive orders to prepare dishes. In the top left corner, the recipes for the last four orders are displayed. Approach the cupboard with the corresponding product, take the product by pressing the E key. If necessary, chop it on the cutting board. To put the product on the board, press E; to chop it, press F. To fry a cutlet, place it in the frying pan. Make sure it doesn't burn. Gather all the necessary ingredients for the current order on a plate, place them on the serving table. The earned amount is displayed on the display above the trash can. The amount earned for the current order pops up above the serving table. The time allotted for order completion is displayed in the top right corner. Be bold, chef, show what you can do! W Forward S - Down A - Left D Right E Interaction 1 E Interaction 2 Esc Pause/Menu