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By arranging the available items, you need to ensure that the ball bouncing and rolling on the surfaces eventually hits the basketball hoop. There are items already placed on the stage, as well as additional ones that need to be installed in the right place. The player must think through the logic of the composition, taking into account the physical properties of objects. How to play. Some items are already on the stage. Other, additional ones are installed on a yellow carpet. Additional objects must be placed in a suitable place so that they bring the ball into the basketball hoop. To move an additional item, left-click on it. Guide arrows will appear. By controlling the keyboard keys and the mouse wheel, you can move and rotate them. The game takes into account the physical properties of objects. The ball can bounce off the surface, roll on it. When playing in a browser, the player's settings are not saved. The downloaded game saves the interface language and completed levels. Control keys: W - move forward S - move back A - move left D - move right Q - move up E - move down R, mouse wheel - counterclockwise rotation T, mouse wheel - clockwise rotation