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Rules of the game. From below, figures appear in random order and which must be placed in a rectangular glass 8 cells wide and 8 cells high by clicking on them with the mouse. Without releasing the mouse button, you can move the figure to put it in a free place. When filling without voids a whole row with a height of one square, this row disappears and that's it. The player's task is to fill the rows completely to get points for them. As soon as the entire playing field is filled that it will not be possible to put the figures that appear from below, the game will end. Additional accrual of bonuses in ANDINBLOCKPUZZLE if 2 or more rows are filled at once. When you press the Pause button, a menu will appear in which you can select the BLOCKPUZZLE option and turn the figures in 90-degree increments like in the good old Tetris. Taking the figure away from the upper right corner and returning it will rotate it. And a flashing italic icon will be displayed. Return to the old game mode also through pressing the pause button and select. Have a good game.