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"Sandy Path" is a single adventure game that combines the game mechanics of a runner and an arcade game. The game is divided into three modes to play which you can either alternately or run each separately. The game has a logical conclusion of the gameplay but has no end, so it is possible to replay the game an unlimited number of times.
1) The first stage of the game is similar in its mechanics to the famous game "flappy bird". By controlling the character with the up and down keys, you should avoid flying birds and stars, and collect cherries, although this is not necessary.
2) After the end of the first stage of the game, the second begins. Here you need to jump over obstacles. The game mechanics of the second stage are similar to the classic "runners".
3) At the third stage of the game you have to climb up the rope, while swinging it while dodging obstacles.
After completing all stages of the game, the scoring begins during the game.

Game features:
- 3 modes for the game
- Ability to compete and pereprohodit game or parts of it
- Pleasant music
- Beautiful pixel art by Luis Zuno (@ansimuz)