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Collect an animal! The developing puzzles and mini-games are fun for children and parents alike.

It is possible not only to collect puzzles, but also to invent new animals.
More than 50 parts of animals and various decorations will help to create your own fantastic world.
Save your drawings for memories and show them to friends.
Develop observation and concentration skills, memory, creative opportunities and imagination.
This developmental game will engage children of younger school age with studying animals.
A simple and convenient game is perfectly suitable for joint games with the young and adult alike, family and friends.

Press the "receive coins" button to play mini-games.
- As you collect coins new parts of animals open.

Controls for drawing:

- To increase or reduce spectacular reflection or removal drag the necessary object on the corresponding icon.
By means of increase or reduction it is possible to find room easily in one picture for several animals at once, and to add natural and magic trees.
- To move an object to a background double-click on the object
- To keep the drawing (take a screenshot) press the camera icon.